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Thread: Messed locals up with mvchannels

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    Messed locals up with mvchannels


    I was playing around with mvchannels and messed up my locals a few days ago. I am running emulation and get the most of the locals and the guides from SF, LA, NY, ME, MN, ML and NA. mvchannels worked pretty well until recently. Now, I still get the same channels and the same guides, but the guide data doesn't belong to the channel, e.g. for NY4 it shows the guide data for ME7 and so on. Some fit together, but most of them not. I did a mvchannel reset, reload, dumpall, edited the channel.dat accordingly, let it run again, but without success. I can move around the channels, but the guide stick to the wrong ones.

    Does anybody has any idea?


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    Try doing a mvchannels reset using the main.dat file that came with mvchannels.tcl v1.35.

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