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Thread: Getting Started with Turbonet

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    Getting Started with Turbonet

    I've got some specific questions but maybe this will also be a useful ongoing thread for new DirecTivo Turbonet users.

    I installed the Turbonet driver manually, because I've previously Xtremed. I basically followed the instructions in the relevant thread here, though I think there's a typo, driver extension should be ".o" rather than ".0"; also I added devicename=eth1 (and changed the startup reference to it accordingly) because I'd prefer to keep this in-house. I didn't edit the driver itself.

    I can ping and telnet to the DirecTivo fine. I've been told I should also be able to ftp, as if there's an ftp host running _already_ on the Tivo. Is that right? I can't connect via an ftp client. Other advice says I should upload an ftp host to the Tivo and run it first, which makes more sense. But I'm curious: is there an already resident ftp host, or is one installed if you do the install with Nick's CD? But we can't use that CD if we've got Xtreme installed, right?

    I'm not real familiar with telnet (other than MANY years ago I used to get my email that way). Can I edit files on the Tivo via Joe as I did with a serial program? It seems not; cursor control is not really functional when I try. So if we want to use ethernet to the exclusion of the serial connector we've got to download the file, edit it externally, and transfer it back, is that the deal?

    Soon I'm going to install Tivoweb and Tivoapp. I have no idea why, but the game continues. Will the fact that I've ID'd "eth1" instead of "eth0" cause me difficulties? But if I go back to eth0 then my DirecTivo talks behind my back, right? To anyone it pleases. I guess I could stop that by defining a phony gateway address, a dead end; would that do any harm?

    Lots of questions; if I get a couple of them answered I'll be grateful and maybe future new Turbonet users will be grateful as well.

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    You have to upload a ftp host, use this. Just transfer via serial (to /var/hack) and execute. Use any ftp client you like, no username password necessary.

    Execute this program with > /dev/null & tacked on the end so you get your bash prompt back. The program will continue to run in the background. Auto execute from /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit if you like, just after your turbonet stuff.

    Instead of windows telnet, use Teraterm (it supports both serial and tcp/ip connection), just click File, New Connection and choose tcp/ip and enter you dtivo's ip address. But use ftp to transfer files instead of teraterm in ip mode. In case you don't have it, Teraterm can be foundhere.

    Renaming your ethernet interface will have no adverse effects. And setting your default gateway to something phony ( for example) is a good idea to keep it from "calling home".

    Another hint, you can edit files on your pc if you use a program which can save files as unix files. I like Textpad, which can be found here.

    Happy Hacking.

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    install kravens 25xtreme upgrade, it should take care of all of this for you automaticaly
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