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Thread: Editing M2V files (or .ty directly)

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    Editing M2V files (or .ty directly)

    Ok, so with all the great minds on this forum, and with all the awesome tools put out..

    We can all extract and make DVD's from a Dtivo.

    What is lacking here?

    A Tool or method to directly edit an .m2v / .m2a file set.
    I know there are many guys out there who get frustrated by having to record the overlap from a tivo (credits.. coming attractions), and keep commercials from a series show.

    Here is a for instance:

    I recorded HEAT which is a 3 hour movie (give or take)
    I recorded it off HBO, now HBO pads the time with a promo or two making the size of the file just a hair over the limit for making a DVD.

    I have no way (other than re-encoding) to slice off the extra time.
    So, I cannot record Heat to a DVD.

    Sure there are methods like "Create Chapters and Place the first play at Chapter 2..."
    But that doesn't help the extra time on the DVD.

    What I would like is the ability to strip and edit a .ty or .m2v directly.

    There IS a CRAZY method... but it wastes lots of time.
    I can take HEAT and record and image. The take the resulting VOB's and strip a few chapters and then record.. but so much wated time.

    So if anyone has any recomendations as to new methods.. other programs, simple hints..

    Post them here.
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    If I'm not mistaken, can't you just use a hex editor to strip off whatever chunks of the video you desire? Somebody could write a program that does this automaticaly based upon time values entered at a command line, but of course you would have to have an accurate way of timing the video first, and thus far our video clips can't be accurately timed in even something as robust as powerdvd.
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    Or... you can use VSplit with the -j option and the -l options to cut it. It is "not perfect" by any means but you can clips things quite successfully.

    I have some tools in the works to do this nicely. But it takes time to get things working well and I am still probably a couple of weeks again from the next new major tool release.


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