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Thread: playstation 2 and xbox

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    Lightbulb playstation 2 and xbox

    how burn the cd of plastation2 and xbox ....and i need special chip or sometime for to play in my consoles

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    um, yeah. presuming i read your message correctly, you want to know if you need a modchip to play 'backups' on your ps2 and/or xbox, and how to make those 'backups'.

    ps2: you need a modchip. has a really good comparison of what modchips do what. To backup original games, you can find good tutorials at,

    xbox: you need a modchip. has a good comparison of the various modchips, including installation diagrams and such. By using EvolutionX, you can backup your originals (tutorial for backing up via EvoX).

    it should be noted that backups may/may not require a crack or patch to make them function with a given modchip (ie: EA patch for ps2, or beta patch for xbox).

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