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Thread: I've got legit DTV/Tivo subscriptions - what are my hacking options?

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    29 I've got legit DTV/Tivo subscriptions - what are my hacking options?

    Honestly - I've read through a lot of the other posts on this board, and used the search option to try and figure out wtf 25Xtreme, Tivolater, mvchannels, 900s, etc etc actually do. And like that Message icon, my head is spinning trying to digest everything.

    I've had and hacked a SA Tivo for a little while now, and am plenty familiar with Linux, vi, TivoWeb, editing tcl files, yadda yadda. I recently added a TivoNet into my SA, and it runs just fine.

    I recently purchased a Hughes GCXEBOT. Subscribed with the basic DirecTV package + Locals for San Jose, CA. It came with 2.0. Within a week or so I got the 2.5 update from the satellite, and am happily dual-tuner enabled.

    So the questions are:

    1. WHY would I need 25Xtreme or Tivolater? Just to not pay the Tivo sub? To turn off scrambling for extraction? I don't mind paying the fees. But extraction is something I'm interested in. A recent newbie post mentioned a 'dd blah blah' line that is supposed to turn of scrambling. Does that only work with the Xtreme or Tivolater upgrade?

    2. What about locals? With my legit, non-hacked card, is there any way to get the national feeds? I don't really care about Texas, Utah, or Virginia feeds. I'd just like to watch Saturday Night Live "LIVE" for once. :-}

    If there's threads that address these issues, I'd love for you to show me. Because pretty much everything I found assumes that you already know what Xtreme or the locals scripts do.

    I'm interested on requirements, and features: What do I need to get these things working (hacked card), and what do I get: no subscription fees, ability to extract, local channels from other markets.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Well, here's one thread that answered my question about scrambling and extraction from DTivo:

    Scrambling Info (Basic HOWTO)

    Still unsure then what the purpose of Xtreme and Tivolater are, and how that relates to disabling scrambling.

    Also still unsure about whether a hacked DTV card is required to get locals. And whether I can *just* get the national feed from NY.


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    If you are not good at hacking or just want an easy fix and
    do not care about your recordings, season passes, and such,
    Just use the Xtreme image. It's super simple and just a touch away from disconnecting the phone line. (The phone line is the certain way to lose your current software revision.) For the super cautious, add AlphaWolf's nosdd code.

    There is a long tread that came up with the dd blah-blah unscramble. I'm using it, but I didn't record anything before doing it, so I haven't "proven" that it works. I know it didn't break anything I think it must be run with V2.51

    Good Luck

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    I also have subscriptions to DTV and lifetime TIVO and have Xtreme'd and "Touch"ed my DRS6000. I have no phone line plugged in.

    What happens to if I choose a PPV program with no phone line plugged in?

    Will it start to nag me about making the DTV call?

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    I'm in the same boat.......what are the options?

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    rc3105 where do you get the instruction for the hardware mod on the sony t60

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