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Thread: Hu Cards $45 Free Shipping

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    Hu Cards $45 Free Shipping

    Hi all I just got quite a few HU cards in and need to blow them out. They all are very nice looking (no adhesive or writing on them) They are all absolutely valid and possibly virgin. I checked them all in the stream and they all receive the preview channels. All cards are 5B's except two of them (one 7B and one 6B). I have quite a few refrences over at

    Price is as follows
    $45 ea. for 1-9 cards
    $42.50 ea. for 10-19 cards
    Inquire for 20-28 cards


    paypal, money order or cashiers check


    Coming soon: P4 cards

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    Let me know when you have p4 cards...

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