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Thread: Pitou under TiVo?

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    Pitou under TiVo?

    Let me first say that I know nothing about how DirecTV works.

    I'm sure some of you saw this slashdot article, but here's the link anyways

    Would it be possible to run this program on a TiVo?

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    Right now, you need the pre-compiled version which only runs on x86 processors, not powerpc like the tivo is. (The source which was released is missing parts..)

    So in addition to the tivo box, and directv box, you'll need a real computer. Right now they're saying that it has to be higher than a 486dx4/100.. Somebody claims that running just one receiver off of that machine causes skipping. Hopefully this will be improved on in the future...

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    Unlikely. Emulating another processor takes a bit of power. Not tons, but a significant amount. The tivos just do not have a lot of horsepower to spare.

    Add to that the fact that you would need to be running the network version because pitou, like sle44 requires one serial interface to the aux and another to the ird, and it becomes quite unlikely that it would work.

    I'm not even going to go into the legalities of this....


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