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Thread: Mailing list needed? Wondering how high-speed email people on this forum.

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    Mailing list needed? Wondering how many high-speed email people on this forum.

    I host a variety of mailing lists at, mostly relating to free speech, free software, linux, etc. Feel free to browse at

    Mailing lists are a little different than web forums in that they tend to be higher speed, higher traffic, higher noise... but are good for those that like that kind of thing. Unfortunately, they are less selective (in what you choose to see) than a forum, but they have their place.

    I'm curious as to the crowd here, and whether or not a mailing list for any of the rather rapid development folks is appropriate.

    I don't expect a list would in any way distract from the forum, but would instead be a complement for certain development. List policy would very likely include pushing certain kinds of posts to forum(s) as appropriate.

    Please post comments, even if just "good idea" or "bad idea" here. I won't start such a thing if there doesn't seem to be support fof it. I'd also be curious about ideas for focused mailing lists, beyond "TiVo hacking & development".
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