I just found a great way to get free airline miles for purchases I make.

The program is called WebMiles and every time I make a purchase with one of their partners through their link, OR use the WEbMiles Mastercard for shopping, they give me free airline miles. What's more, they are not restricted so I can travel on any airline at any time I want with no blackout dates or seat restrictions.

Depending on miles earned, flights can be FREE. Else you can get a discount...
Discount, Miles Needed
$100 discount, any flight 8,000
$200 discount, any flight 15,000
$300 discount, any flight 20,000
-Check it out

They gave me 100 free WebMiles rewards for signing up and another 100 for filling out my member profile! All you have to do is click on this link to join:
A REQUEST: In case you navigate away from the referal link, please return to this page and use the link above when signing up. Thanks!

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