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Thread: vsplit13 can't find embedded audio header

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    vsplit13 can't find embedded audio header

    I'm running vsplit13 on my PC. It's done OK with the other streams that I've tried it on, but this one complains

    Error. We did not find an embedded audio header!

    I've extracted it twice with the same results, yet the stream plays fine on the TiVo.

    Any clues? It's no tragedy, since the show will be repeated in 3 months, but inquiring minds want to know...

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    I believe you've got a corrupted tystream. I've had the same thing happen to me on occasion. If the show will be on again just re-record it the next time around. I just bought a 2nd DTivo so I can do backup recordings simultaneously in case the main DTivo refcords a flaky tystream. I'm in the process of archiving several different series and there's no telling if the series will be repeated once it cycles through its current run.
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