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Thread: Full Size pack of pampers and other free stuff

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    29 Full Size pack of pampers and other free stuff

    Call 1-800-791-9255

    They say they will call you back they will it takes a couple of weeks or months depending on when they have a study in your area,,age group etc.
    I got a full size pack to try cant tell you what brand etc since this is a study and dont want to get in to trouble.
    They do studies for differnt ages they even do studies for pull ups etc.

    I asked how many studies Can I do she told me after you complete one study after 3 months your name is put back on list for anther

    They DO STUDIES FOR LAUNDRY SOAP,DIAPERS AND LOTS OF other stuff. You get to particapate depending on area,age of child, etc.

    I got a call and she asked could she ask a few ? about diapers and such so I did her survey on phone took about 5 to 10 min and after that she then asked did I want to particpate in a study where they send a weeks supply of diapers free of charge no shipping all I had to do was only use thier product during the study and give my feedback and do a survey on them.. I said free heck yes!

    So they do come it may take a while to get your products they dont tell you right away they are going to give something free you just do their survey the first one I answered some ? then a couple of days later I got the other one except this time I got a full size pack of diapers to try.

    They have different studies at different times SO sign up and just wait for the call.

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