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Thread: Proven Concept: Tivo Stream Importing

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    Beefy Linux Box <-> Tivo (i.e., no XP)

    I'll check with some additional mounts to see if I have the same problem with writing, but that would seem odd if that were the case. (btw, I remembered that mfs_stream by itself does not have this problem.)

    One other issue I have (which may be related) is that during an extraction, if I have the Tivo turned "off," then I am not able to power the unit back up until the extraction is finished.

    In addition, when I telnet to the Tivo (during an extraction) and attempt to run something like tivoftp, I get a fork error.

    # /var/hack/tivoftpd 
    tivoftpd: error forking; Resource temporarily unavailable
    The only other thing I've noticed is that if I kill the extraction before it is finished (e.g., ^C), then the Tivo will reboot.
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