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Thread: processes running on tivo

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    processes running on tivo

    What can I type to see all the runninmg processes on the DTivo? I would like to be able to stop a process without having to reboot the DTivo. I guess what is the equivalent of Task Manager in Win2k?

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    use the ps command. ps (process status, i would guess) has man command line options.

    your best bet is ps aux

    you can use the kill command to kill process by specificying the PID right after it.. i.e., kill 8884

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    if kill 'process number' doesn't work you may need to use kill -9 'process number'

    another thing to keep in mind is if you started a process via a bash shell it is likely to show up in the ps list as /bin/bash 'process name', which quite possibly will be truncated to the the point where it is difficult to determine exactly which process is which. You can use time as another variable to determine which process you started manually as the time will be different from all the system processes started at bootup.


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    -9 will KILL a process.
    -19 will STOP a process.
    -18 will START a stopped process.

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    when I type ps from a bash prompt, i get a command not found, what am i doing wrong?

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