I have a stupid question.. hence i am posting in the newbie section.

I have a t-60 which i have put 2.5extreme on. My next step is to get a bash prompt through the serial port. I made my own cable.. but i am not sure if i did it correctly. I dissembled the male side to find out what color wires go to which ports. I found out that pin2=Brown, pin3=red, and pin5=yellow.

This is how i connected to the stereo cable:
stereo serial

Now my question really is, do i need the satellite hooked up to the reciever to get a bash? I have my computer in a different room so i just brought the t-60 in the computer room and the sat cable doesn't reach. I am using Tera Term with all the correct settings w/ no flow control. Do I need to hit anything in tera term to recieve a signal? The way i am doing it now is open teraterm on com1, connect the serial to the back of the tivo, plug in the tivo.. wait. Nothing ever happens.

Any help? Thanks.