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    Im glad Im not the only one with this problem... actually after my second reboot I cant get back watching TV... argh krypto aint given me no lovens...
    Well, back at it.....

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    i can manually execute /hack/noppv.html but if i try to run it via the cron using this crontab entry:

    */15 * * * * /tvbin/tivosh /hack/noppv.tcl -5 >> /var/hack/noppv.out

    i get these errors in the noppv.out logfile:

    bash-2.02# cat noppv.out
    <166>Sep 13 02:15:00 tcl[958]: Tcl created pool of 1458176 bytes

    noppv tcl script:
    Removes PPV flag from existing shows in the Tivo database.

    <134>Sep 13 02:15:01 AttachSharedMemoryFile[958]: Can't open key file /var/tmp/pseudo for attach, errno 2

    I saw a message with someone else having this same problem

    I tried modifying the crontab to execute the shell from the crontab and i removed the shell declaration from thenoppv.tcl script but that didnt help either

    someone has claimed that that /car/tmp/pseudo doesnt exist.

    I have an xtremed T-60 with the 1.9.4beta tivoweb.

    so hopefully someone has seen this and knows what to do


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    Kraven's Update to xtreme 2.5

    Why not just use that.... it includes No PPV and sets it to run every night when Tivo is "supposed" to do it's nightly call. I find that this works fine for me. One thing though is the NO PPV flag is set to -6 for which I had to change to -5 for EST.

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    doesnt work at all for me....i did xtreme and kravens update a long time ago, before I noticed the reboots. From what i understand a lot of ppl have to run it every 15-20 mins or so. and are doing so by cron. i have cron doing its thing but i still dont think its doing it right because of the messages.

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    The CRON problem is because of environment variables not being set. Search for 'pixie' for the fix on that. There are 2 variables that need to be set in the crontab file.

    Running no ppv once a day helps, but the PPVs slip back into PPV mode slowly. noppv needs to be run more often than once a day. My cron entry looks like:

    05 * * * * /hack/noppv.tcl -7 >> /var/hack/noppv.out

    This runs it at 5 minutes after each hour.

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    hey i see all your posts on that. i followed what you said you did, (somewhat; I dont have a /etc/profile directory in my tivo)

    i did this from the /etc directory:
    export > env_vars

    the file now has these permissions:
    -rwxrwxrwx 1 0 0 1074 Sep 16 16:44 env_vars

    and the file looks like this:
    bash-2.02# cat env_vars
    declare -x COLUMNS="80"
    declare -x DEBUG_BOARD="false"
    declare -x DYNAMIC_NET_DEV="net0"
    declare -x EMERGENCY_REINSTALL="0"
    declare -x HDA_ID="D40xxxxx"
    declare -x HDB_ID="Unknown"
    declare -x HOME="/hack/root"
    declare -x HOSTNAME="(none)"
    declare -x HOSTTYPE="i686"
    declare -x IrdSerialNumber="533xxxxx"
    declare -x LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/hack/lib/:"
    declare -x LINES="25"
    declare -x MACHTYPE="i686-pc-linux-gnu"
    declare -x MFS_DEVICE="/dev/hda10"
    declare -x OSTYPE="linux-gnu"
    declare -x PATH="/tivo-bin/:/bin:/sbin:/tvbin:/devbin:/hack/bin/:/var/hack:/tivoweb-tcl"
    declare -x PROMVERSION="

    TiVoProm Monitor, release version 2.05 (ntsc)
    declare -x PWD="/etc"
    declare -x SHELL="/bin/sh"
    declare -x SHLVL="3"
    declare -x SerialNumber="0110000xxxxxxxx"
    declare -x TERM="xterm"
    declare -x TERMCAP="/etc/termcap"
    declare -x TIVO_REMOTE="TIVO"
    declare -x TIVO_ROOT=""
    declare -x TIVO_SVR_ADDR=""
    declare -x TV_STD="NTSC"
    declare -x chmem="0x8060xxxx"
    declare -x prom="r"
    declare -x root="/dev/hda4"
    declare -x runideturbo="false"
    declare -x varpartition="/dev/hda9"

    I edited the crobntab to have this entry:
    bash-2.02# cat /var/hack/etc/crontab
    # /etc/crontab: system-wide crontab
    # Unlike any other crontab you don't have to run the `crontab'
    # command to install the new version when you edit this file.

    # for TiVo: This file doesn't use a user field like system-wide crontabs
    # normally do. Everything runs at uid 0 (not that it matters for TiVo).


    # m h dom mon dow command
    */15 * * * * ./etc/env_vars ; /hack/noppv.tcl > /var/hack/noppv.out 2>&1


    now the noppv.out still has the pseudo file error along with some other stuff:
    bash-2.02# cat /var/hack/noppv.out
    <166>Sep 16 19:45:00 tcl[1829]: Tcl created pool of 1458176 bytes
    WARNING: couldn't scan startup script /tvlib/tcl/tv/tv.ini
    WARNING: eval result : can't read "env(TIVO_ROOT)": no such element in array
    noppv tcl script:
    Removes PPV flag from existing shows in the Tivo database.

    <134>Sep 16 19:45:01 AttachSharedMemoryFile[1829]: Can't open key file /var/tmp/pseudo for attach, errno 2

    unable to initialize filesystem
    while executing
    (file "/hack/noppv.tcl" line 111)

    is my problem the /etc/profile thing?


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    I don't use cron, but this is what needs to be added to make it work:


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    cool yep i just found that and did it. it looks like its working.

    wierd...used to when i ran it manually it would always fix hundreds of shows each time, even if i ran it manually within 2 mins in between

    no everytime it does it via cron or if i do it manually it always says fixed 0 ill let it be and wont worry until it starts rebooting again.

    thanks guys for all the help


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