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Thread: Crypto update.

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    I don't know whether or not you could use the crypto chip trick to clone the TSN. If you just need to know the zip code that the device last called from, you could hook up the drive to a PC, and inspect the file /var/log/tclient or /var/log/Otclient, which should list the zip code from which it called.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brownby3491 View Post
    revival #2
    I have a broken series 1 with a grandfathered lifetime subscription, I got it cheap, now I know why, I believe the motherboard is fried, if I can add it to my account I can tranfer the lifetime to a premier box, when I call up tivo customer service they say I need to have it call in or at a minimum tell me the last known zip code it called in from, both are problems since they guy I bought it from wasn't the original owner and he doesn't know.. could I use the crypto chip trick to clone the TSN and perform a one time spoof a call to register my zip code?
    Do you know for certain that the lifetime sub on that S1 was purchased on or before January 20, 2000?

    Because those are the only S1 lifetimes eligible for the one time transfer.

    And that's not the date the TiVo was made or bought, it's the date the Product Lifetime Service was purchased for it.

    If the problem is actually a bad motherboard, someone who knows how to solder and de-solder surface mount devices could transfer the crypto chip to an otherwise identical S1 motherboard.

    In other words, if it's a Philips, the new board couldn't be a Sony, I'm almost certain.

    What makes you think the motherboard is bad?

    When you hook it to a TV and plug it into the wall socket, does anything appear on the screen?

    Does the fan start?
    Too busy TiVo wrangling to watch television anymore.

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