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Thread: Xtreme 2.5 and turbonet install?

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    Question Xtreme 2.5 and turbonet install?

    I have Hughes DirecTivo with Extreme2.5 installed. I just purchased a TurboNet card and would like to install the software to get this up and running. Since I am aware that I cannot install the original Turbonet software I was wondering where I could find the information to do it myself with my HHD connected to my computer? Or, is there a way to install the Xtreme 2.5 Upgrade to the drives while connected to a computer w/o a bash prompt? The reason I ask is I do not yet have the cable I need and I want to get the card running.

    Any information would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance....

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    that should be possible as long as your able to mount your tivo drive on your PC. you'll have to modify the parameters of everything be sure that when you run the 2.5 upgrade that things get extracted to the mount of the tivo drive instead of the mound of the linux system you booted to.

    I thought about doing it the same way but then decided to just go to rat shack and spend 10bucks on the cable and connectors to make my own cable (I already had the soldering iron and tools) It was probably the easier way to go because I can see trying to do it the way youre talking about being pretty difficult.

    Besides you NEED a serial cable anyways right? ;-)

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