I know it's been hashed hashed and re-hashed but I can't find a clear answer to my problem.

Yes, I have the CCC upgrade. Only because, at the time, I preferred to pay for it, rather then learn and do it myself.

And yes, I am paying for that now..

Anyways, is my unit already set up for BASH via the serial plug?? It says it is, in the startup-screen, but when I plug in the cable, I can't get a connect via HyperTerm I have tried 9600 all the way up to 115200 8N1 etc etc all no go..

Before I start tearing into my cable, I want to make sure that my unit is BASH-equipped already. My goal is to be able to add a NIC w/o having to re-install, as I would lose all my recorded shows..

Any assistance would be appreciated...