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Thread: 3.1.0b strategies to migrate

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    3.1.0b strategies to migrate

    DirectTv recently found me... I'd been on 2.5.2 for well over a year since 3.1.0 came out. I'm doing daily calls via turbonet, I suspect the lack of utilizing the phone (and using turbonet instead) for these calls caused them to forget about me...

    That is until they start planning for 3.1.0b.

    My upgrade to 3.1.0 didn't go to well. I had to restore an image and then TivoLater (which worked very well). I was able to back up some content, but lost a lot of content because the upgrade was unexpected.

    I've taken the usual steps to stop 3.1.0b from upgrading my system, but this is temporary at best because I'll be downloading the upgrade each night.

    I've thought of a couple of strategies, but need some advice from the experts here.

    1. In MFS there is a STATE/SYSTEMCONFIG object with the version number. Can this be edited? With the expectation that the daily calls will stop trying to get the update because DTV would think I'm on the latest OS, but allow me to stay on 3.1.0 (no "b").

    2. Can I mount the alternate boot partitions while telnet'd into the tivo (say create a mount point on /var/hack/altboot , edit the various files on the alternate partition, remove the protections in the primary boot files, and reboot. This might allow telnet, ftp and noscramble to be enabled on the new upgraded OS without having to pull the drive.

    Any other ideas strategy ideas.. I know many will suggest just go back to 2.5.2, but I'd like to stay on the latest OS, or at least let DTV think that I am.


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    I have a question about going back to OS 2.52. In an earlier post this is what I was trying to do with a good image I have used earlier.
    Is there anything preventing going back to an earlier OS from 3.1 or so... I cant seem to get my new drive to get past the powering up screen.

    Is this an issue. I like the 2.52 image.

    thanks to all for the great infomation in this forum@!

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