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Thread: a free pack of paper-for your printer

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    Jeamme Guest

    29 a free pack of paper-for your printer

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    take a look at this......this is what i got when went to link....don' look like they like us freebie hunters to much!!!!

    This page "did contain" a form that could be filled out to request
    FREE Samples of our products.

    If you are a Dealer/Re-Seller of File Folders or Filing Supplies , you may call us
    at: 1-800-356-3494 and we will be happy to send you a copy of our Full Color

    Those of you who arrived here due to UNAUTHORIZED ADVERTISING
    placed by many, FREEBIE Newsletters and FREEBIE Web-Sites may want to
    let them know that along with causing us to be flooded with 5,000 + emails,
    they wasted your time.

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    Jeamme Guest
    i guess they caught on!!!!!!

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