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Thread: 25Xtreme & new Tivos

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    25Xtreme & new Tivos

    What models of Tivo units are suitable for using 25Xtreme? I have a Phillips DSR6000 which is no longer for sale in stores. I know it works on the Hughes GXCEBOT and a version of it will work on the Sony Sat T60, but are these models still available in stores? Are there any newer models of Tivo units that this software can be used on? Thanx for any help.

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    The models you describe are all series 1 DirecTivos. They are no longer in production and it is unlikely you will find one in a retail outlet. The Sony SAT-T60 and Philips DSR6000 are still available through some on-line satellite dealers. The DSR6000 is currently offered only as a refurbished model although you may get lucky and actually find a factory fresh unit from some dealers. 2.5Xtreme will only work on these models.

    The series 2 DTivo has not been released for sale yet but should be out very soon. The newer models will not be hackable, at least for the time being, until someone figures out how to do it. You can, however, still perform hard drive upgrades on these units but not much else. There may be a way to get a bash prompt that will allow other utilities to be developed and installed but it's a wait and see proposition for any of this to happen.
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