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    27 installcrypto.tcl

    I just bought a new unit and it has 1.3 on it. I decided to poke around before doing a GS. It has a bunch of diag scripts on it and it has a script called installcrypto.tcl which appears to take a serial# as it's argument.

    Anyone try this? I have 30 days to return this unit so I don't care if it gets fried, but I don't have an alternate serial# to try... I'm not going to risk using one off one of my other units!

    Some doofus posted their serial# over on AVS, anyone remember what that was? what type of unit was it for? or have you found another from somewhere? Maybe you went to a store and wrote down the serial# of the demo unit that had service on it?

    Anyone else had any luck switching out their serial#?

    I've also considered having service on one unit, letting it pull/download files but through a proxy, and then faking out the second unit like it downloaded those files, getting around the crypto problem by changing the serial# on the second++ unit(s). Anyone have any luck with this?

    I've got 4 units now (2 of each). Life on 2 (one of each), monthly on one - I don't feel guilty about NOT covering one more unit!
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    there is a post that says "Crypto Update" read it, yet I seriously don't recommend trying to steal guide data.
    - Vadim

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    google is a nice search engine!

    click here

    Look for the "november 4" heading and you'll see an interesting number there.......

    click here too

    Look for the 2nd to last paragraph at the bottom.....
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