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Thread: Totally OT: SA Tivo Information

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    Totally OT: SA Tivo Information

    Hey all.. A friend of mine was asking me a bout SA tivos and since I have no idea about them and since everyone is so nice in here, I figured I'd ask you guys..

    1) Which SA would you recommend getting?

    2) How do SA tivo's get their guide data? IE- If she has Canadian cable, will I be able to get the data?

    3) That's it. thanks!


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    Currently the series 2 SA Tivos are only offered under the Tivo brand name. The series 1 SA Tivos are either Philips or Sony. Take your pick - there's essentially no difference between them. There is a SA Tivo forum in DealDataBase if you check out the main page. AVS Forum is the other main Tivo forum (it's actually a subsidiary called the Tivo Community Forum). They don't go in for extreme hacking like what's discussed here. Any talk of video extraction is strictly verboten as well as DTV hacking (like it is here but much more strict). I was admonished by one of the moderators for mentioning that I had 2.5Xtreme on a DTivo in my signature at the bottom of my posts. It's still a pretty good forum, especially for SA Tivos. You can find it here. The link takes you to the main forum where you'll find all kinds of discussion groups about every flavor of PVR as well as home theater and HDTV.
    Please don't PM me or any other members looking for personal assistance. You'll do better by posting (after you've exhausted the search feature, of course) and taking advantage of the collective expertise of the membership instead of a single individual that may or may not be able to help you. Thank you and enjoy your stay at DDB!

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