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Thread: TyTool#5 stops after putting clocks back / time different

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teraflop
    I guess what I was asking was, which file should I put in my VAR/HACK directory to replace the old Tserver and NowShowing.tcl files? I put the TSERVER C file and it said it was a directory. Sorry, but you are talking to someone who is really just getting into hacking TiVos and using a LINUX interface. Please give more deatils. THANX
    You want the file just called "tserver." Not sure how else to explain it.
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    Also, pleae don't fix your TyTool version 5 installation because it is 5 versions out of date. Get the new version 10 instead, from the top thread of this forum. JD has now put up 10r2 which has the correct tserver.

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