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Thread: TyTool, TyConvert and corrupt packets

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    Question TyTool, TyConvert and corrupt packets

    I am using TyTool5r2 to extract from the Tivo. I have tried two methods-- pulling m2a and m2v files and using mplex to stitch 'em together, and pulling tystreams and using TyConvert to make it into an mpeg.

    Unfortunately, all but one of the files I have pulled from my Tivo have been 99% bad packets. mplex bails out after outputting a few megabytes, and TyConvert will only generate a couple hundred kB. Telling TyConvert to keep all the bad packets makes semi-usable videos, but the quality is awful.

    One file worked great. I've tried to see what was different, but I've tried shows of different lengths at all different quality settings, and everything else seems to be all bad packets.

    Any help or direction you can give is greatly appreciated, and I will happily send all or part of one of the bad streams to someone for testing.

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    What is the source of your video stream? Cable, Satellite, Other?What kind of Tivo do you have?

    Any background or extra info on your setup will probably help the forum Gurus.

    Good Luck.

    Tivo Homer

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    Ok. TyTool is a bit out of date. As the author I get to say things like that but no one else can...

    Head over to the DTivo forum just this once and grab the latest vsplit1l file from my major mux'ing thread there.

    It has support for SA Tivos in it.

    Then use TyTool to grab in Ty file mode, i.e. no splitting.

    Then do something like this:

    vsplit -m file.ty file.mpg file.m2a

    For right now this program will only do about 2000 chunks. 5-10 minutes worth as it is in the final testing stages.

    What it will do is create 2 files. The first one is a true mpeg-2 program stream that has both audio and video. The second the .m2a file will be empty.

    You should be able to play the resulting mpeg PS file with PowerDVD, WinDVD, etc... Depending on the codec Media Player will work but the Elecard decoder has issues with some things that have not been identified yet.

    The very near future a version that will run for the whole clip will be available as will a new version of TyTool that will having mux'ing as an option. (i.e split, TyFile, or mux...)


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