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Thread: Can you clear this up for me?

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    Talking Can you clear this up for me?

    Yes I have been reading most of the posts, but I am still not clear about somethings.

    Showcases: I thought they came over the phone line. Just like the updates to the software. If I install PGM's tlc file do I get the showcases with ever plugging in the phone line?

    Or do I have to plug it in and then run PGM's script and unplug the phone and then I will continue to get them?

    I have read the how to's and still not sure.


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    for units with 2.0.x software, the showcases come over the phone line. for 2.5.x and above, showcases can come over the satellite feed for dtivos (probably a cost cutting measure, and a way to make tivo less involved).

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