This forum is going to take over for the massive mux'ing thread in the DTivo forum, the many TyTool threads, etc...

Since my tools deal with both SA and DTv Tivos it makes sense to seperate it from the rest of what is going on. Plus as was mentioned in various places we were kind of overrunning the generic DTivo forum. A large percentage of the traffic there was related to extraction/splitting and mux'ing with the end goals being simple paths to excellent playback.

Having said that, this forum is not just for discussion of my, jdiner's, tools. Other tools and other authors are more than welcome.

Now for the rules:

1- Flames are out. Be nice. Disagree if you want but keep it civil. We recently have had a number of flames going back and forth. For the most part not between the authors of these tools but between the users in each camp. This is pointless and helps in no way...

2- Keep it on topic. Don't post an unrelated message in a high traffic thread just hoping that many people will see it. Find the most appropriate place. This is a very high traffic subject. Someone is bound to see it. Whether or not you get a response will depend on the question and the way in which it is asked.

3- Don't ask for help/support for emu's of any type. This whole system has been told to leave it alone. Extraction and processing has nothing to do with emu.

4- And lastly I suppose, the moderators reserve the right to edit/remove/whatever posts that violate the rules for this forum. In the past things have been left around that caused problem after problem. If it happens it they are gone. Don't feel abuse, don't feel personally attacked if it happens. Just don't do it again.


1- To help all of this move along there will be some sticky threads created. They will stay at the top of the display. (This is one of them.) They will cover the main tools being discussed in the forum. They will be sticky so that they are always easy to locate for those following the development and use of said tools.

2- As new tools come along I expect there will be some new sticky threads. But I don't want to see everything become one so they may come and go as things get stable and dev drops off.

3- As in the other forums feel free to create new threads when a new subject or question comes up.