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Most older DVD players will play "regular" VCD's comprised of mpeg1 level encoding as opposed to mpeg2. The information is correct according to all the information I have read recently. I would like to create VCD's instead of SVCD's obtained by using the -d switch in vsplit. Is there any plans for such an option so that the disk will play in almost any machine until I can afford an expensive DVD burner?
To get an MPEG-1 VCD File, you'll have to transcode the output
of the Mux or take the elementary streams and transcode those.

The DirecTiVo creates MPEG-2 files. The -d just says to MUX with
a specific sector size and add a SVCD header. There is no way
of muxing to VCD.

VCD Standard is MPEG-1, 1150kbps
SVCD Standard is MPEG-2, 2520kbps (althought i can pretty much
be anything).

Bottom line : You have to transcode to get MPEG-1 or you can
use a header trick but that doesn't work on all players.