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Thread: Newbie sought!

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    Newbie sought!

    I would like to extract some video from my UK Tivo 2.5.5 and convert it to mpeg2 or possibly divx.
    I have read the extract forums but my Linux is sketchy and I'm wary of doing irreparable damage to the filesystem

    Can someone give me a simple howto that will enable me to achieve this?

    I have installed and sorted Turbonet/tivoweb...I have a bash prompt and ftp access to the tivo....what I cant figure from the readmes is what goes where and how I acutually get to see the video!

    Apologies for the newbie stuff but we all have to start somewhere!

    If I can get this sorted I'll put the info on a webpage for others to follow which should help the other windows users who are just making their tivo's more useful!



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    maybe this will help

    I don't know if UK stuff is that different, but this has worked for me.

    This linky explains how to get from extraction to disk to DVD player.

    This how to linky explains where to get the necessary proggies. Hope this helps.

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