I re-extreme'd and demo mode appeared ;( (it actually asked me to seup the receiver for sale etc etc etc) I tried the demofix script but it did not appear to work. I forced a call, which made the "Special Modeemo" disappear. However, the "tour of tivo" still appears occasionally. When checking "system information" the demo mode then also re-appears here.

Anyway, I have done a fair amount of reading. I searched but I there is no answer that clearly explains this issue. Accordingly, my questions:

1. Does either forcing a call or the fixdemo script (supposedly) eliminate demo mode?

1a. If so, why does demo mode re-appear after forcing a call? What it be more appropriate run fixdemo with the forced call concurrently?

2. Are there any alternative way of getting rid of this nag (I read about re-booting with the card pulled etc.)?

3. What is the cause for demo mode to appear (booting with card inserted)?

Thanks for any help.


Sony T-60
Extreme 2.5
Kraven's Update