I've been snooping around trying to find an explanation about why when i VSplit something that has a DD5.1 I get no sound out
here is a sample of the vsplit script

dyna002235:~/Documents/TiVoShows/Underworld David$ /Users/David/Documents/TiVoShows/VSplit-mac-3.03b2 /Users/David/Documents/TiVoShows/Underworld/Underworld.ty underworld dummy
Processing '/Users/David/Documents/TiVoShows/Underworld/Underworld.ty': (10 chunks per tick)
Detected Tivo Type: Series2
Detected Audio Stream Type: Dolby Digital 5.1
Final standardAudioSize = 1552
Final standardFrameLength = 1536
Final standardAudioDiff = 2880 or 00:00:00.032
First Video PTS: 00:04:10.191

When I try to play the mpg I get no sound out and if I look at the file info thru Gumby 48 it tells me that it's a MPEG2 layer 1 Stereo signal sampled at 24KHz is there any fix for this? Can Sizzle make a movie in DD5.1?