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Thread: 3.1 upgrade - anything to worry about?

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    3.1 upgrade - anything to worry about?

    I have read the threads on the 3.1 upgrade and am still a bit confused.

    Everything is bought and paid for, but I run turbonet, noscramble and tivoweb. I mfsexport files all the time and have over 200GB of hard drive space which is full of noscrambled programs.

    Should I block the 3.1 upgrade? Exactly what kind of ramifications am I facing if I let it upgrade?

    Thanks for any pointers.


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    this has been covered in MANY threads, including

    Originally posted by mrblack51
    ok, just to quiet any "the sky is falling" claims regarding the 3.1 download. EVERY SINGLE HACK was tested on 3.1 beta, and we got almost every one to work properly (except for removing the manual tag on recordings). Please be patient, information will be released as more of us upgrade our respective units. 3.1 is not the end of the world people, though I'm not sure there is any compelling reason to upgrade.
    to re-state the differences:
    unified design to go with other 3.x installs
    DHCP built in - Tivonet/turbonet support
    DTV controls subscription to Tivo service
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