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Thread: Any way to recover recordings?

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    Any way to recover recordings?

    I've searched the forum and did not come up with anything on this topic.

    I have an old 120GB Western Digital disk drive from one of my UTVs. There was about 75 programs recorded on the disk when UTV decided to delete all the programs. There was an actual 'program deleted' entry in the disk's history log.

    Anyway, I've long since replaced the disk, but found it tucked away in a closet. Is there any way to extract the programs or re-build the directory on that old disk?

    Any helpful info is appreciated.


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    There is an unlock program available, but it will delete everything off the hard drive allowing you to use it in a PC.

    I don't believe there is a way to recover anything off that drive, since it is locked by the UltimateTV and you need to first unlock it, which I believe, will destroy all the data on it.

    I could be wrong, but I haven't heard of any method to extract data off a locked UltimateTV drive.

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    find another drive of the same exact model that's unlocked and swap controller boards

    *course, getting access to the drive is only step 1...

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    If you can access the drive, first you would have to go to the browser partition and restore the deleted files in the recorded history folder by changing the first letter of each file name back to what it should be.
    Then you would need to read these files (they are ascii) in a text reader like notepad or whatever and find out what the file name for them in the dvr partition would be eg:P10034567.
    Then you would need to go through the root directory of the dvr partition (which is not a standard fat file system) and resore the p (the first letter)
    to the number from above in above example you would find an entry with a wierd character followed by 10034567 you would change the wierd chacter to a p this would be very time consuming, probably several hours.
    then put it back in the utv to watch your programs which would set a new password on the drive making your current drive not usable.
    sorry to sound so negative...but it is a monumental task also any thing that was recorded over can't be recovered period.

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    This is a total shot in the dark (since I don't have UTV) but if its anything like an Xbox try putting the original drive back in the machine, boot it up (I'm not sure at what point UTV would "unlock" the drive), and then pull the IDE cable out.

    If you're lucky and it works (and didn't short anything out) you should get the drive in an "unlocked" state.

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