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Thread: DTiVo 3.1 initrd problem

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    DTiVo 3.1 initrd problem

    I've tried using kill_initrd from several diffent floppies and CD's and everytime I get the same error..

    Error - Unable to access mfs.

    It finds my tivo drive and everything looks good up untill

    Determining software version...

    Then I get that error.. I have done the flash . Am I still missing something? Thanks for any help.

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    i used the one from the turbonet cd, and it works fine. it should say "patch successful" after it completes properly. you should backup your kernel before doing anything to it. did your unit boot into 3.1 ok before using the update?

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    Yes, it boots up fine. I can watch TV. I just can't get it to kill initrd.. I tried the one on the TurboNet CD first. Then I started looking around for floppy's and that did the same thing..

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    out of space
    The same method works with v3.1 as did with v2.5
    dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hdXY bs=1k seek=852 count=1196
    (where X= "b" if Primary Slave, "c" if Secondary Master, "d" if Secondary Slave and Y=number of your kernel partition, 3 or 6)

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