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Thread: Recording local channels on a Directv/tivo 6000

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    Unhappy Recording local channels on a Directv/tivo 6000

    Does anyone know if you can hack a Directiv/Tivo combo unit to enable it to record cable stations? We have a regular tivo and got a new one for xmas because of the fact that you could record one channel and watch another one, or record two channels, however, what the sales people neglected to tell us was that you could not record your regular cable stations, just directv stations. We have no option of getting our local stations on satelite at this time.

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    nope, can't do it.

    directivos have no MPEG encoder, so they can only store the satellite stream. the cable input is just for passthrough. if you want to record locals, you need to use a stand alone tivo. a simple search would have found this info.

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