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Thread: TCL v1.9.4 beta 5 -- Anyone

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    Post TCL v1.9.4 beta 5 -- Anyone

    I hate to start a new thread for this, but I haven't found a good answer yet.

    Has any one successfully had 1.9.4 beta 4 or beta 5 work 100%. I.E. they aren't getting internal server errors when accessing certian pages. Sorry if the new thread bothers anyone. I was just curious if I'm all alone out here... (besides Gereriq and a few others)

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    If you read the old thread, you'll see there are a couple work arounds for the internal server errors. Commenting out PrintNames and Thumbsdata procs.

    Also, 1.9.4 Final was release a couple days ago, no reason to keep using beta 5...the same edits that get beta4 running along with the discovery iced made in the beta5 thread is all that's necessary.

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