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Thread: Downloaded ty files empty

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    Downloaded ty files empty

    When I download a movie from the tivoweb module using internet explorer it ask me if I want to save it and where.But the download is very quick for such a large file and when I go to where the ty file is it shows o bytes.I'am using mfs_stream97.I also have an extremed drive so I do not have a var/hack file.I think the problem could be in this area.I don't know how to modify the config file to change the path so I put the mfs_stream and tyhttpd in the /bin file.Any help would be appreciated.I feel that I'am almost there and it's been quite a struggle.

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    Did you record the shows unscrambled (via noscramble.o or the kernel hack)? You have to in order to be able to extract them.

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    You'll need to install noscramble.o. The file and setup instructions can be found here. You might want to try using Tytool for extraction. It's extremely simple to set up and use. Check the How Tos Only sticky thread, page 3, of this forum for the file to download.
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    You must edit the path in the file called mfsstream.cfg which is in your /tivoweb-tcl/modules You must edit the path to where you have mfs_stream stored, for example if mfs_stream is in /tivo-bin then you have to set it to /tivo-bin

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