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Thread: Moving Video between 2 Tivo's

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    Moving Video between 2 Tivo's

    Hi Guys,

    I been searching and so far not found anything useful. I have two tivos, both subbed and working well. I have networked them both and extraction works ok.

    What i would like to be able to do is move tivo recordings from one machine to the other so i only have to look at one tivo and it;s now playing screen to see what i have availble to watch.

    Some kind of script that i can run over night would be the ideal, but i ;m happy to build that my self.

    Any ideas



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    Alphawolf was expirimenting with this and it sounds like he got it going. Not sure, cuz it ended up being a long thread and wasn't something I was interested in, but here's the link:
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    does this work between dtivos and reg tivos too?

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    I know you know this but I am just adding to this thread. I and several others have had great success importing streams between SA and dtivo and the other way around thatnks to rc's mfs_ftp script

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