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Thread: xtreme upgrade (v3.1.0 and v2.5.2) now available

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    xtreme upgrade (v3.1.0 and v2.5.2) now available

    For more info on using xPlusz ===>

    If you have previously used any of the locals scripts like mvchannels or the xPlusz #60 command, you should first, before using this upgrade, do a mvchannels reset or xPlusz command #61. Read the current thread for more info and this ===>

    Thanks to Dennis (dsboyce8624) for a new download site, we are releasing an upgrade for v25xtreme.
    xtreme upgrade - V3.1.0 or V2.5.2 upgrade with xPlusz
    by superzap, AlphaWolf and the regulars

    This will upgrade your v2.5 DTiVo to v2.5.2 or
    upgrade your v2.5 or v2.5.2 DTiVo to v3.1.0
    works on all series 1 DirecTiVos, Sony, Phillips, Hughes

    Before doing this upgrade you must understand the advantages and disadvantages.
    • v3.1.0 is new and not all hacks are working, P4 required.
    • v2.5.2 is a little more stable than v2.5
    • Any special hacks will be lost and need to be re-installed.
    • Most of the popular hacks are included.
    • Recorded programs, season passes and most other settings will be retained.
    • For more info read the forums
    files distributed:
    • (contains xupgrade.iso and README)
    packages included:
    • xPlusz v3.10
    • tivo command set (ls, joe, find, tivoftpd, etc.)
    • noscramble, turbonet support
    • tivoweb v1.9.4 final (includes whatson v1.11 and MfsStream)
    README attached.

    • There is a bug in the tivo os v3.1.0 that shows up in the EventSwitcher. If you want to run any TCL scripts like noppv, mvchannels, tivotitle, etc., on a schedule, the v3.1.0 EventSwitcher will die in a couple of days and the TCL scripts won't run until you reboot.

      Since xPlusz is written in TCL it will be affected and will quit working when this problem occurs. A reboot is the only known remedy and rebooting on a schedule should prevent this. The next release of xPlusz will include an option to automatically do reboots on a schedule.

      v2.5 and v2.5.2 does not have this problem. I doubt that tivo has any plans to fix this and unfortunately v3.1.0 is probably the last upgrade that there will be for series 1 dtivos.
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