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Thread: xtreme upgrade (v3.1.0 and v2.5.2) now available

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    To make it upgrade to 3.5c-01-1-011 you need to make a Tivo serial cable and connect to the tivo at 115200 8-N-1. Then you need to modify /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit. There are 2 areas that are commented that prevent newer OS's from being loaded on the system. The 2 areas you need to fix to be not commented are below:

    # Check for software upgrade
    if [ "$swupgrade" = true ]; then

    if [ "$upgradesoftware" = false ]; then
    echo "Not upgrading software"
    # TODO... Find another way to do this...
    tivosh /etc/rc.d/finishInstall.tcl

    Now providing you have 3.5 downloaded (it downloads via satellite), if you make a daily call it will say pending restart. Restart and it will load 3.5c.

    You can check and see if you have 3.5c loaded in mfs by running the following from the bash prompt:
    echo mls /SwSystem | tivosh

    I still haven't figured out how to remove the Xtreme 3.1 bootsplash however. I see now that alphawolf has posts in here that do describe how to do it. The splash in question is stored in mfs.

    You can also use the slicer program to update it manually. Using slicer will let you preserve the hacks on the disk from what I read.

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    Okay need a starting Point for TiVo to PC TIVO Series 1

    I recently upgraded my Philips Series 1 TiVo with a Networking Card, It works well to make the daily call via my internet connection. (I know there are users laughing, but Hey it WORKS and I have a life-time subscription to TIVO programming data.) Additionally, A few years ago I upgraded my my original harddrive decided to stop spinning. (They dont work well when they stop spinning!)

    Now that I have installed my networking card, like everyone else I WANT MORE..

    Actually, I would really like to us TiVo Desktop, or similar software to be able to watch Tivo recordings on my PC, and create DVD's etc. (It would also be REALLY cool) to use Tivo to directly record Vongo Movies (but not necessary.)

    I have found some very OLD hacks cirrica 2001 to enable some of these features, and plenty of software to update/enhance this software. My question is any suggestions for a "clean" install to enable TiVo Desktop (or similiar?) There is a very good article that details how to update the drive by mounting the Tivo drive on PC. I have also found a few threads on using the serial port and hyperterminal on my PC, (but nothing that I have yet found appears too promising or recent, I am concerned about using 7 year old hacks..

    My TiVo software version is 3.0-01-1-000, backdoors is enabled, Debug Old SS: 5, Debug: SS err 0x1F0008 is showing on the System information screen. (all appears to be working normally) Recording capacity is 53 hrs (best), 193 hrs (basic)

    Any all help would be greatly appreciated.


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    This should be plenty to start with:

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    after several hrs of looking i found the answer to a problem of comand not found when trying to 25xtreme a hard drive. if you have 2 cd-roms, disconnect one of them. suddenly the cd starts working like it should.
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    He's starting with a blank drive.

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    I don't think 3.5 is in the stream anymore. I still use my DSR6000 and from 2007 onward I replaced the drive. From that point until now, I only have the following:
        Name                      Type        FsId      Date  Time   Size
        ----                      ----        ----      ----  ----   ----
        2.5-01-1-001              tyDb        2961  02/21/09 09:30    636
        2.5.2-01-1-001            tyDb       29216  02/21/09 09:30    664
        ACTIVE                    tyDb       29216  02/21/09 09:30    664
    I haven't seen it do a SDD in years. I use 2.5.2 because it does not require a DVR tier.

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