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Thread: editing boot299.btl file

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    30 editing boot299.btl file

    What is a good hex editor to use for editing the boot299.btl file.

    Also, is there a good disassembler for this file?

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    I hear IDA Pro works okay on that stuff. If you know how to use it.


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    I like Hex Workshop myself but most any hex editor will do. They're not exactly rocket science.

    Use IdaPro 4.17 or later. Look for it elsewhere or ask around. Some people here put up FTP's from time to time with essential utilities. Remember that to use IdaPro, you need to create load images. The file you want to edit is in a loader format that is detailed elsewhere and in the ST5500 manual. There are simple programs that you can use to create the several chunks of loadable binary which can then be used to disassemble in Ida Pro. The original file contains the info which lets you deduce which parts load at which addresses, vital info for disassembly. I might have a C source file around here that can do the file prep part and provide the load address info for each file if you need it. It is a trivial program for any semicompetent C programmer though.

    Once you discover the place you wish to patch with Ida, you can then go back and find the corresponding areas in the original 299 file pretty easily, patch them with your hex editor and test them. Of course, if you are merely patching a 3.1 installation file to work with a certain card, all you really need is the hex editior. For other 'mods', you'll probably need IdaPro.

    Of course, this is all rumor and I just read a lot. The Powers That Be frown upon public release of certain mods to the file you're talking about.

    Naturally, make sure you back up original file and make sure that you have a reliable bash prompt.

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