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    Introducing V31 TiVoLater

    ftpd has the wrong path in rc.remote-login, should be /bin instead of /tivo-bin

    need to cp /etc/root/.bashrc to /.profile for telnet paths and such to be correct

    if you install the cron module it needs the following lines added to the crontab:


    Also if you're running mvchannels you need to do the mvchannels reset thing before upgrading or you'll have to do a clear and reset.


    Okay, well here it is finally. Had to go out of town on business for a few days, so it was delayed a bit.

    Thanks to Dennis, you can get the files from here:


    This site is limited to 10 users at a time to prevent bandwidth issues. Please don't beat the server to death!

    Files should be available soon

    Not available yet, but the files are going there now

    Mirrors will mirror my update and superzap's update.

    This upgrade will take DTiVo versions 2.0, 2.5, or 2.5.2 up to DTiVo version 3.1.

    If you are running mvchannels do a "mvchannels reset" before performing the upgrade

    If you need to start from scratch and don't want to mess with xtreme, then you can get one of the 2.0 MFSTool images from here:

    Couple of notes on 3.1. It is set to only accept CAMID's of P4 cards. So if you don't have one then something will have to be done about that. If a module is made available to handle this issue, then that's great, just don't discuss it, it's other uses, or the installation of it here.

    Second, it also requires a subscription to the TiVo service through DirecTV. They then add the PVR tier to your card. The PVR functionality will not work without this tier. A monthly call is still required in addition to this tier. The fixsub31 module will take care of the call, but you will have to have discussions elsewhere about the PVR tier, all I can tell you is it now exists and the TiVo software looks for it in 3.1

    Here's the readme:

    v31 Tivolater updated by KRavEN
    based on Digitz original 2.5 tivolater
    V31 Upgrade CD by superzap
    edited to work with v31 tivolater by KRavEN

    files distributed: KRavEN-v31-Upgrade.iso

    This update will not effect you season passes or recorded shows.

    There are 2 basic installation methods:

    A. KRavEN-v31-Upgrade.iso

    This method copies over the necessary files and sets up the install to start on
    boot. DTiVo A drive is in transfer to a PC:

    1. Backup your DTiVo hard drives

    2. Burn the iso file

    3. Boot from CD and enter:

    to setup installation without flashing the prom
    or -p
    to setup installation and flash the prom
    ( this is only needed if you have a unit that has never had the
    prom flashed before and is running 2.5 or 2.5.2 )

    4. Put A drive back into DTiVo, install will be automatic and take about
    20 minutes, check your TV for a couple of info screens.

    B. From bash on the DTiVo:

    1. Backup your DTiVo hard drives

    2. Download the file

    3. Transfer files Update.tcl and 31Update.cpio.gz to /var/hack.

    4. Enter:
    cd /var/hack
    chmod +x Update.tcl
    ./Update.tcl /var/hack ntsc

    5. This will run for about 20 minutes and reboot to updating database
    and 3.1


    Initial configuration:

    Turbonet and tivonet drivers are built into 3.1. Almost exactly like they
    were with my upgrade

    Follow the same steps as with my upgrade if you need to set a
    static IP, otherwise it will be assigned by DHCP one is available

    Daily call does not go over eth1 unless the proper dial string is

    The initial image is very minimal as far as features go. It only has vim,
    joe, bash on ttyS3 at 115200 or telnet, midnight commander, noscramble
    module loaded, and tivoftpd. the nfs and smb modules have been renamed and If you wnat them to load simply take off the f's at
    the end. The prom will also be flashed to a non-sigcheck prom and the
    initrd will be removed from the kernel.

    It has a few new usefull alias's:

    rmrw : remounts root readwrite
    rmro : syncs the disk and remounts root readonly
    ll : detailed ls, same as ls -l
    ls : ls in color, same as ls --color
    vi : same as vim
    mc : midnight commander, mouse driven menu system with built in
    hex editor, file viewer, launches external programs. I've
    only gotten the mouse support to work under CRT and SecureCRT
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