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Thread: Introducing V31 TiVoLater

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    Thank You!

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    I have the DSR6000, I had previously upgraded to two 120 GIG HD's...
    I am trying to install tivolator 3.1, took out the A drive, hooked to my pc as secondary master used the tivolator ISO to boot from CD ran the install script. Doesn't seem to do anything... I get no new messages, and the version in system information has not changed Does anyone have any ideas?

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    Tivolater 3.1 over Xtreme 2.5

    Will this turn on the Bash prompt on its own. I can not get a bash prompt via a serial cable? will i need to pull the drive again to run a command to get bash? if so what is the command when i boot it up in my desktop with the kraven iso boot disk. I have tried to do the research but all the posts are old and its hard to find the info i am looking for.

    Thank you


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    Can't find

    NEVERMIND::: found it at the mirror of

    I have recently pulled my old Sat-t60 out of the closet, because I have just got a new directv subscription. The dtivo has extreme 2.5 installed, but I would like to upgrade to 3.1 in order to get locals. I see lots of documentation on how to do this, but can't find the files to do this anywhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get the file?
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