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Thread: Assigning DSR6000 remote

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    Question Assigning DSR6000 remote

    I've buried the manual somewhere so I can't find the instructions. How do I assign a remote to the DSR6000? I assumed it was similar to my Tivo (go into Messages and Setup, hold Tivo and Pause until the red light comes on, press a number then Right). But so far, it won't take. I've successfully assigned my Tivo and its remote to 3, but the DSR remote still controls both machines, so apparently I haven't been able to change this remote from 0, which controls all Tivos. The DSR also says remote assignment is 0 in the System Info.

    Help! Any advice?
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    After setting up the code assignment on the remote, press the same number key while pointing the remote at the Tivo while the System Information screen is being displayed. The remote code will change to the number you just pressed. You'll have to scroll down the page to see the remote code. After setting up the remote code, exit the System Information screen using the left cursor arrow on the remote. Once you've exited the System Information screen, the new code takes effect and will now be unique to the Tivo it was assigned to. Make sure you cover the remote sensor on the other Tivo while setting up the code or they'll both end up with the same code assignment.
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