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Thread: TyTool5 Getting empty m2a and m2v- Please help

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    TyTool5 Getting empty m2a and m2v- Please help

    I just installed tytool5r2. Had a problem connecting but fixed it with a new nowplaying.tcl. When I receive a .ty file it contains data, but when I split it, the m2a and m2v are empty. If I choose vsplit, the files are empty too. What might I be doing wrong? Are there any logs I could check? The text file only contains 'A/V Sync Offset: -0ms (i.e. plays 0ms late!)'. The Tivo is running 3.1 and is a DSR6000.

    PS- Just ran vsplit in verbose mode with the output piped to a file. Showed all bad chunks even with an offset of 50 and 100. Is the ty file scrambled? Other than the turbonet and drive hacks, I'm running the standard 3.1 OS.
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