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Thread: New (old) SA... okay to upgrade?

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    New (old) SA... okay to upgrade?

    Just got a used Phillips HD212 off of ebay. It's used, but doesn't look like it was used all that much...

    I'm planning on hacking it, and my planned 'mods' are:

    - Installing TurboNet,
    - Increasing disk space. (I have 2-120gb drives ready and waiting)

    Someone told me that you can't get a bash prompt under version 3 - is that still true?

    Also, when I do up the storage space, should I use the v2.5 image that I downloaded (forget where...) or what?

    I'm just worried that if I upgrade to v3, I'll have issues in trying to hack the Tivo.

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    I hacked my 3.0.something HDR212 (same model as yours) with no issues, beyond discrepancies with some of the PPP tutorials.

    I've got PPP up and running (dead modem) and I have been successful in doing the Guided Setup and first call over PPP. I haven't reactivated the defaultroute yet because it's been a few days and I'm still reviewing whether I should continue to keep it on the net or not.

    Does anyone know anything about version 3.2 and what it does? I'd like to know if I should let it continue to call in or prevent it from upgrading.

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    Just wanted to give 'ya an update...

    Got home and unpacked the Tivo... got all the wires hooked up and went to reach for the power cord - no power cord. A trip to Radio Shack, and some 'touch up' with my pocket knife, I got the cord to fit.

    The modem's bad. It was sold "as-is" so oh well - wasn't planning on using it, anyway. Popped off the cover (which was a bitch - that puppy was on TIGHT!) and installed my TurboNet card. Took a little 'wiggling' to get it to fit, but it did. Hooked it up to my Linksys 8-port DSL router and away I was (interestingly enough, in the router, in the DHCP table, it shows my tivo's name as "BIGB". Go figure.) Went through the guided setup and entered the ",#401" for the dialing prefix and off it went!

    20 hours may seem like a lot, but folks, 20 hours can go QUICK! After setting up a couple of season passes, it didn't take long. Not to worry, I've got 2-120gb Maxtor's ready to go in.

    Was gonna do it last night, but the computer that I was going to use has a faulty Secondary IDE port - figures. I'll use one of my other computers, tonight, to do the upgrade - going by the Hindsdale How-To guide, word-for-word.

    Wish me luck!

    PS: Oh, and it was used... unfortunately, it wasn't a lifetime sub, but I'll survive. The version installed was 3.00.
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