hey i used this to install my locals

1) Get a copy of mvch135.zip, DOS2UNIX, TeraTermPro, and textpad if you do not already have these.

2) Install TeraTermPro, textpad, and DOS2UNIX on your PC.

3) Unzip mvch135.zip and edit the channels.dat file in textpad. Place a "#" symbol in front of every line that you do NOT want to display in your channel guide.

4) For the local channels you want to have in the channel guide, change the 2 at the end of the corresponding line to a 1. Save and exit textpad.

5) Make sure the channels.dat file is in the same directory as the DOS2UNIX file. Open up a command prompt (i.e. DOS window) and navigate to the directory containing the DOS2UNIX file. Type in dos2unix channels.dat and press Enter.

6) Open up TeraTerm and connect to your DTivo via serial connection. Transfer the mvchannels.tcl, main.dat, and channels.dat files to the /var/hack directory using Zmodem protocol. If using a TurboNet and ethernet connection, use an FTP program, such as CuteFTP, for transferring files to your DTivo (TeraTerm does not work via ethernet for file transfer and FTP is much faster anyway).

7) Navigate to the /var/hack directory and type in chmod +x mvchannels.tcl and press Enter to make the file executable.

8) Type in ./mvchannels.tcl reload and press Enter. Wait until a bunch of stuff scrolls by and the bash prompt returns. This clears out any previously installed locals from the guide.

9) Type in ./mvchannels.tcl -loop=0 -file=/var/hack/channels.dat and press Enter. The new channels set up in the channels.dat file are loaded into the guide. Wait until the sequence ends and there is a message indicating that the program is going to sleep for 5 minutes. Terminate the Telnet session by closing TeraTerm.

10) If necessary, disconnect the serial cable and reconnect your DTivo to your TV and/home theater setup.

After the DTivo has finished booting up, display the DTV guide and check for your locals in the 0-99 range. All of the channels specified in the channels.dat file should now appear in the guide. The listings will all say To be announced but the programming info will start filling in after a while. It may take at least a day for all upcoming programming to refresh for the newly added channels. The local channels should stay in the guide once installed and no further action needs to be taken for them to remain there, even if the DTivo should be rebooted for any reason. I have found that once they're installed you're good to go. It might not be a bad idea to make a backup image of your DTivo at this point but it's not all that necessary.

I have found that I can copy the backed up image to another drive and install it in another DTivo, do a clear and delete so that the new drive can acquire info from the DTivo it's placed in (otherwise, the DTivo serial number and/or access card info don't match, resulting in an error #51 message). Afterwards, simply rerun the mvchannels program again per the above steps and the locals will be setup on the new DTivo as well.

For those that want to add the MPT channel (Maryland Public Television, channel 22) to their lineup, use the 978 entry instead of 980. For some reason the 980 entry places a void before and after channel 22 in the channel guide. In other words, if you start out at channel 2 and scroll down, the guide is blank after channel 22. You can manually enter a channel number higher than 22 and the guide info from channel 22 and higher will be displayed but will be blank below 22. The 978 line allows a continuous display from channel 2 to 999 in ascending order with no gaps.

captain_video post it in a old post that i read i just installed turbonet and ever thing works great.

i can take video off and ftp in to my tivo. i installed xtreme_upgrade.zip to get the turbonet drivers and the install went great.but when i was watching tv i when to my local channles and founs that they have change to MI i don't live in MI i live in AT.The MI channles work but there not the same like channle 11 for AT is nbc MI7 is nbc but in the guide it says FOX.it's all messed up i tryed doing what all they says but i can't do a bash-2.02# ./mvchannels.tcl reload
<166>Feb 2 02:39:21 tcl[342]: Tcl created pool of 1458176 bytes
Channels being reloaded...
File doesn't exist. You need to dump channels first.i put all 3 files in the var/hack and it was working befor the xtreme_upgrade.zip i tryed putting the 3 files in the /hack dir but it's read olny so i did a ash-2.02# chmod 777 hack
chmod: hack: Read-only file systemin the root and thats what i get so i the did a ./mvchannels.tcl reset then is did the reload still didn't work.What more can i did to get my AT locals channels and have AT11 nbs and AT5 fox and so on ?