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If I change saveuntil to delete will mfs_ftp delete shows that are deleteable (ones with yellow circle and exclamation point), or only suggestions?
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space issues: if needed mfs_ftp will reclaim space from deleted-but-
recoverable recordings. if there aren't any it'll delete suggestions
as necesary. it will NOT delete anything besides a suggestion. if the
tivo is truly full it will abort the transfer & put this msg into the log

"unable to allocate space for recording, you MUST delete something from
Now Playing"

this is normal tivoapp behavior, when you tell it to record something it
makes room if possible. while insertion isn't strictly recording it's
the same deal - you told it to put a show in NowPlaying. if it was
allready full something had to go to make room.
nope, only suggestions. if you change "set info(active) 0" to "set info(active) 1" in settings.tcl the ftp client will list deleted recordings - you can tell at a glance if there's enough space to insert w/o bumping anything