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Thread: Mfs_Ftp: extract, archive, restore & transfer recordings

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    Post mfs_ftp: easy extract / insert via ftp protocols

    here's a little tivo side ftp server for moving recordings from tivo -> pc, pc -> tivo or tivo <-> tivo with a regular browser or ftp client. video can be moved between different versions of tivo hardware / software and streamviewed on a recieving tivo - current version of the complete program dir including s1 support binaries
    (attached to this post)


    shutdown any previous version of mfs_ftp running in the tivo

    unzip the to mfs_ftp.tar on your pc

    open mfs_ftp.tar & extract readme.txt - READ IT!

    transfer mfs_ftp.tar to /var in the tivo

    backup the old mfs_ftp dir: "mv /var/mfs_ftp /var/mfs_ftp.bak"

    from the "/var " prompt unpack with

    "tar -xvf mfs_ftp.tar" or "cpio -i -H tar -d -F mfs_ftp.tar"

    start from bash "/var/mfs_ftp/mfs_ftp.tcl" or load from a startup script

    mfs_ftp 1.2.9 MAY NOT BE REDISTRIBUTED. PERIOD! (read the license and terms of use)

    sadly many are offering mfs_ftp installed on units for sale, since the legality of the license is unlikely to deter the unscrupulous here's the deal. if you want to include mfs_ftp on a tivo your selling (presumably as an inducement to buy) send your contact info with a $40 paypal to I'll provide a transferrable license tied to the tivo itself & permission to install / distribute mfs_ftp on that particular tivo. this provides a legit means for techs to install sw for the clueless & specified damages that can be recovered (in court, etc) from those distributing in violation of copyright

    my paypal is and donations are allways appreciated. mfs_ftp is FREE for personal non-commercial use if you install it yourself, so enjoy

    Usefull things to have / know about

    THIS THREAD IS THE FAQ! (and moderated to stay that way)

    please read readme.txt & this ENTIRE thread BEFORE posting a mfs_ftp related question - off topic posts, obsolete info & chitchat more than a month or so old gets nuked

    please ask any questions re: installation / usage in this support thread instead of cluttering the forum starting new ones

    ALL required S1 support files are included in the zip

    here's links to usefull alternate threads

    MFS_FTP on Series 2 Units contains S2 support binaries - substitute s2 binaries after installation but before starting mfs_ftp

    Mfs_Ftp: suggestions, feedback, etc

    mfs ftp issues in the newbie forum

    tmf / ty+ tivoweb extraction module: extract tmf or ty+ via tivoweb

    tmf2ty_cfg.exe is a windows binary that extracts ty from tmf. these ty are insertable with mfs_ftp & compatable with all ty utilities. if savepath.txt is in the directory with tmf2ty_cfg.exe (or in the dir with the tmf under some versions of XP) the first line of the file is used as the output path. these are tcl paths so use forward slashes - "x:/extracts/" "d:/my_recordings/" "v:/video_files/" etc

    Commonly asked questions (and answers)
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