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Thread: Mfs_Ftp: extract, archive, restore & transfer recordings

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    Okay, finally some measure of success!

    I ditched FileZilla and BPTFP and tried CoreFTP. I'm now downloading a file and it's giving me 3.2 MB/sec speed over a 1 Gigabit ethernet connection. Is this speed about par?

    Revised: I'm having some problems. THe program was working (dumped a bunch of files to my local hard drive), then it stopped. When I tried to download a file, the file started to download then stopped. The "time to complete" in CoreFTP started climbing up to years (!) until I manually aborted. No parameters I could play with would get it to work again, so I uninstalled and re-installed the program. It worked again for a while then started misbehaving. CoreFTP's log files show nothing amiss, but mfs_ftp.log does show some info about the problem. Could someone please look at my log file and tell me what's going on?
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